In 1991, a group of friends decided that they wanted to create a party, a big party, and invite all their friends and associates to join them. The reason, to celebrate, but also to give the proceeds to a good cause.

That year, 800 people attended the party, an event they called the “Black & Blue”. The party is now a full-fledged festival of social, cultural, sports and party events that lasts for 7 days. In 2002, more than 80,000 people from all over Canada, U.S.A., Europe, Australia, South America and New Zealand attended the events.

The initial group of friends has grown and evolved to what is now a registered non-profit foundation. A very proud foundation that has been able to create an internationally renowned project, nurture its growth to what is now the largest event of its type in the world. A foundation that has been able to attract tourists from all over the world to come to Montreal in the most effective way. A foundation that is a community leader in donating $1,400,000 so far. A foundation that, as a result of its annual events, has been able to generate more than $450 million in tourism spin-offs for the Montreal economy. A foundation that has received accolades and rave reviews for its creativity, ingenuity and uniqueness, from media and entertainment industry representatives around the world. A foundation that has big events, big ideas, a big future, but most importantly, a big heart.

The foundation is called THE BBCM FOUNDATION.

The mission of this foundation is to create world-class events that attract people from all over the world, generating revenues for the foundation. These activities are a celebration and acknowledgement of a unique community and culture. That is, the gay community and the gay culture. A celebration that is non-discriminatory and includes men and women, straight and gay.

ALL proceeds from these events are generated by and remitted to the BBCM Foundation for the main causes it supports. A main cause that affects more and more the whole world. A cause that affects women, men and children, straight and gay. The cause is AIDS. The foundation has been a large and key supporter to most of Montreal’s AIDS support organizations for the last 13 years. These organizations provide day-to-day financial, health and social resources for people living with AIDS. The foundation also supports gay and lesbian community groups.

The Foundation’s largest and most prestigious event is Montreal’s BLACK & BLUE FESTIVAL.